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Gypsy/Friesian/Saddlebred Georgian Grande Filly #1 (2014)

Black and white; foaled April 13, 2014

Sire: King of the Forrest Gypsies (Gypsy Vanner)

Dam: daughter of Koning (Friesian)
out of pinto daughter of our saddlebred stallion Firedance
estimated mature height 16 hands


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This is a filly with WOW! She can move! She floats over the ground as though she can fly! Incredible movement! equally active both front and rear. She has big strong hindquarters and very deep hocks well up under her when she moves; super impulsion from behind which gives her lift, floating suspension,incredible extension and always forward! She has it all. She has a beautiful canter, easy and smooth. She is a very pretty filly, beautiful head and neck, huge eyes, short strong back, strong hindquarters. Her legs are absolutely perfect, with good solid feet. Lots of good clean bone, full mane and tail and tons of Gypsy feathers already. If you love feathers, she has lots! If you prefer no feathers, simply shear them off. Either way, she is a gorgeous flashy super moving filly.

Sound, extremely gentle. She is trained to lead,tie,load,come when called, stands quietly for vet and farrier. Anyone can handle this filly, she loves people, loves attention. She is somebody's dream horse. You could fly the wings off your plane, drive the wheels off your car, you won't find a nicer filly anywhere! Very reasonably priced at only $5000.


Grey Friesian Georgian Grande Colt foaled Foaled April 15, 2014*
Expected to reach 16.2h-17h
*(this colt is a lovely dark blue grey, he is not bay, he is GREY.)


Dam:(Grey) Friesian Georgian Grande mare, daughter of Koning


If you cannot see the video online, send us an email
and we will send the video to you as an email attachment.



HORSE WITH WOW!!! This elegant Friesian GG colt is spectacular! His conformation is flawless; He has perfect feet and legs, plenty of good clean bone, strong hindquarters, short back and a gorgeous upright NECK! His head is refined and very pretty with HUGE eyes; This colt is only six months old but already moves like a much older horse. He is built up hill and he moves that way! "What you breed in you need not train in!" He has natural self carriage and show ring presence to burn! Notice his free moving shoulder and deep hocks carried well up underneath him when he moves. His strong hindquarters and those deep hocks give him super impulsion from behind to power him always forward! The video clearly shows his impulsion, amazing floating suspension, and incredible extension. In some of the photos you see he has all four feet off ground, suspended in air.

He floats over the ground, this colt can FLY! He is only six months old but already has a very nice canter, smooth and balanced.

With his show ring presence, "Look at me" expression and incredible movement he is most definitely upper level dressage/CT prospect. Best of all, he is friendly, easy
to handle, inquisitive and a very fast learner.
This gorgeous grey Friesian Georgian Grande is somebody's dream horse. Price $5000

This video is at 6 months old.



Payment; We accept bank to bank money wire transfers only.

Terms; $1,000 down to hold the colt or filly of your choice. Payments are $1000 per month; Final payment must be made in full two weeks prior to pickup. 10% discount for payment in full up front.

The colt or filly must remain on our farm until payment in full is made. Buyers are encouraged to have their colt or filly insured. We give our horses the very best of care and attention but seller is not responsible for accidents or injury.
All sales are final.


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