Flying W Farms Baron Von Ballinadee  IGGHR#406

Sire: Baron-Friesian X Dam: FWF Golden Glow Palomino-Saddlebred 

Foaled 4/11/05   Buckskin Georgian Grande gelding
He is named for a lovely
place on the coast of Ireland

 Also owns Baroness Von Truffle


Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2007
Subject: a few pics
Hi Fredericka and Robin!
Attached are a few pictures of Ballinadee (Romeo) and me. My sister 
came out in the pasture while I was just having fun with him and got 
a few shots of us. Hope you enjoy!

Friesian-Georgian Grande Romeo & Kelsee       Friesian-Georgian Grande Romeo & Kelsee







Yearling photo

Sent: Friday, May 18, 2007
Subject: Ballinadee!
Hi Fredericka and Robin!
Today I gave Ballinadee his fist official bath! He loves the water just like Truffle. It is so much fun when they love water because then you can go swimming with them! Truffle and I have many fun and glorious memories splashing and swimming in the water! Anyways, I thought that I would take a few pictures of him and send
them to you. Tomorrow I'll try and get some of him and me together -
I was just all messy from giving him the bath and I wanted the pictures to look nice. Hope you enjoy them!! Thank you giving me this special friend!

Sent: Friday, June 08, 2007
Subject: A quick update!
Hi Fredericka and Robin!!!
Ballinadee is doing wonderfully! Yesterday, I got him completely  tacked up. Saddle and bridle and all! I think he felt quite grown up!  We have been taking everything really nice and slow but exposing him  to lots of
different things. He is such a good boy and absolutely breathtaking to watch! What  a wonderful mount he is going to make! Thank you again! Truffle is also doing fabulous! I have a little story to tell you  about her. These last few weeks, I felt like she wasn't acting normal  and wasn't looking forward to our rides like she usually does. And  while we were riding, she was spooking over things that she didn't  have a problem with before. So I thought, well maybe she needs a  little break. So, I gave her a few days off, but she grew worse. I  got on her and suddenly she began to piaffe! I then realized that she  had simply been bored. She learns so incredibly fast and she was  telling me that she was ready to move even faster! This mare just  turned five and we are already working on Grand Prix movements! She  loves the extended trot and canter too. However, I believe that the  piaffe and passage are going to be her favorites. She completely  lights up and becomes so animated whenever I ask her for it. She is  so sensitive that all I have to do is shift my seat and Bam! she does  it! Truffle was so spectacular to watch that I suddenly realized that  there were four other boarders from the barn just watching us. They  couldn't believe that it was her first time ever doing these  movements and the absolutely incredible balance, control, and fun she  was having, especially for her age. I see people yelling at their horses or kicking/whipping them or getting all angry and in a fix to get their horse to do certain things. I have never had to "fight"  with Truffle to get her to do something because we both want to  please the other and when we work together, so much gets done with so  much fun!! Well, I'll give you another update soon and let you know how we are doing. Have a wonderful day and I hope to hear from you soon!
With much gratitude,


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