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Our farm is consistently ranked by USEF among the top breeders of dressage horses in the world!  See our Awards and Competition page.

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"In God We Trust"

We are 2000 acres in the beautiful hills of southeastern Ohio. Here we breed and raise some of the finest sporthorses to be found anywhere in the world!!! Click  "About our Horses" to learn more! Breeders of Champion Friesian Georgian Grandes, Purebred Friesians, Purebred Gypsy Vanners and Drum Horses!


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For References (reviews, testimonials, and photos) from those who have purchased horses from us. You will see some of the many champions we have bred, read what their owners have to say about our horses, show results, etc. 

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Proper Gypsy Vanners For Sale

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Proper Gypsy Cobs For Sale

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Gypsy Drum Horses For Sale

Gypsy Stallion King


 Friesian Stallion

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Friesian Stallion

To see our stallions click Reference Sires

Friesian Stallion

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King Gypsy Stallion

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Miniature Horses

We also Raise Exquisite Miniature Arabian Type Horses

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Dales Ponies

The DALES PONIES we imported in 1999


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